Why Land Investment is the Best Choice? Definitive Guide 2020

Why Land Investment Is the Best Choice

In this article, i will help you to find detailed information about Why Land Investment is the Best Choice?

Indians prefer to invest in gold. After that, people prefer to buy properties. Till now, there are no records about the decreases in the gold. The reductions are happening sometimes compared with the average of the past years there is no decrease in its price.

After that land records the highest growth of the land price

we can analyze the cost of the gold with the day by day market, but analyzing the property price for day by day is not possible.

To analyze the plot price, we can check the nearby land rates.

Why Land Investment and Types of Land?

There are multiple types of land you can go for investment. The cost of the area depends upon the nature of the property.

Below are types.

1. Residential

2. Commercial

3. Agriculture

Land Investment in Residential.

Residential property is the most buying type because of the plots which used to purchase with the thought of building a house. In this, there are two types.

· Open Plots

· Individual homes or Flats

Open Plots

While going for the investment, open plots are the best choice, because open plots are

· Affordable

· More sellers

· Resale Value


The open plots are better for lower-income to higher-income individuals. Based upon the area, a lower-income personal can bear the price and go for the investment.

More Sellers

Several real estate projects sell open plots, comparing with the Flats and Individual houses. The availability is high in this type.

Resale Value

When you are going for the resale, it is easy to sell, you can find more buyers people prefer to invest in open land instead of flats.


comparing with the gold and bank investment investing in the land will give more performances. Where investment in banks and gold records less value. The plot prices increase year by year due to the high population and urbanization.

 Individual Houses or Flats.

Most people purchase Flats and individual houses to stay, and when we see people buying homes for loans. The person pays the EMIs for ten to fifteen years. The good news is home loan interest rates are low compared with personal, business, and other loans.

Compared to the Plots, the prices are high, so there are fewer buyers for the Flats.

People like to build their own houses with their preferences. Because having a home is the dream for his life, an individual less compromise.

Land Investment in Commercial Property.

Which property not used for residential and agricultural purposes is called the commercial. Commercial properties required high investment, which can not come within the budget of a common man. Where commercial spaces record high in the used for the office spaces, shopping malls, or space especially intend to sell goods or services are sold called as a commercial property.

Agriculture Land

agricultural land is a space. It can use for farming. The investment of agriculture land is a good idea where we can get more land within the price of a plot or a Flat.

But the problem is the distance, where finding the agriculture land closer to the city within the budget is challenging.

People use agriculture land for the following purposes

  • To Cultivate and Grow the Crops
  • For Dairy
  • Poultry Farms
  • Solar Plants

Buying an agriculture property and to farm, the short term crops are difficult for a person who is living far to the property.

So most of the people used to grow the plants like mango and red sandalwood in the plots, and as well they build a farmhouse. It is like living with nature.

Demerits of Agriculture Land

Buying farmland is a good idea where it has the demerits

Larger Units

it is challenging to buy a farm within a budget if we buy one or two acres of land. It isn’t worth it or getting returns with the crops.


There are too few chances to get farmland near to a city.

It might greater than 100 kilometers to the city. To travel for small work on the farm is having high in the cost.it


Agriculture lands require more maintenance compare to the residential property if we less care, unnecessary plants will grow within one year. In hand, for open plots, it is less and most of the real estate companies offering free maintenance for five years.

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Land Investment FAQs

Which option is best for property investments?

It is good to go for an open plot because its available within the budget and requires fewer efforts.

Can i get agriculture land within the budget of an open plot?

Yes, you can get the agriculture land within the plot budget most of the time, it depends upon the location of the plot and agriculture land.

What are the Major Benefits with the Land Investment?

High returns, Future Security, and used to build a house.

Can Commercial Properties Affordable for a common man?

No, it needs high investment. A person with less income can’t bear the cost.

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