Don’t Buy These Plots in Hyderabad? What is 111 GO?

What is 111 G.O.

Are you searching for the open plots in Hyderabad? If yes you must read my article about the topic “What is 111 GO.

Nowadays there thousands of new ventures are coming day and day. Some people told farm plots, GP plots, plots with short time offer, Gold coin offer and buy one get one offer.

At the same time, multiple real estate agents convince and confuse the buyers with the intent of selling.

A buyer may not have sufficient time or knowledge to get the full details of the plots.

So the topic is for you to understand better in deciding while purchasing residential or open plots in Hyderabad.

What is 111 GO?

In the Year of 1996 Government of Andhra Pradesh passed the order as G.O. 111.

The primary intent of this G.O is to prohibit the construction or establishment of the industries and hotels which causes the pollution to the air or water within the radius of 10 K.Ms from Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar Tanks catchment area.

However, govt has permitted the construction of the residential plots with the condition of keeping the 60% area as the open space.

The land of 90% use for recreational and conservational purposes also said that 90% of the area would use as agriculture with the classification of the Master plan.

This order is unclear and notified in 2017 as per the Administrative Department check here.

Caution Notice

In this G.O 111 the government of Andhra Pradesh was listed Six Mandals such as.

  1. Moinabad
  2. Shamshabad.
  3. Shankarpalli
  4. Rajendra Nagar
  5. Chevella.
  6. Shabad.
Villages Maps Under 111 G.O Google Map

As well as there 84 villages are listed in the GO as below.

List of Villages Covered Under G.O. 111

1ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadAziznagar
2ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadYenkatpally
3ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadMumtazguda
4ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadSajjanpalli
5ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadSurgangal
6ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadNaebnagar
7ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadBangallaguda
8ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadNagireddiguda
9ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadBakaramjagir
10ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadAndapur
11ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadDargatdrula
12ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadVenkatpuram
13ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadMalkaram
14ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadKolbawatidoddi
15ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadSultanpalli
16ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadYacharam
17ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadRayangudda
18ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadChowdariguda
19ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadMarkhudda
20ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadAmapelli
21ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadHarrigudda
22ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadKotwalguda
23ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadShamshabad
24ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadKishanguda
25ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadOttapalli
26ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadTondapalli
27ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadDevatabowli
28ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadTalkatta
29ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadEtbarpalli
30ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadMakanpally
31ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadKattireddypally
32ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadYenkamadi
33ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadRamangipur
34ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadKevatriguda
35ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadMangipur
36ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadJukal
37ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGandigudda
38ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadPeddashapur
39ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadMadanpally
40ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadPalmakula
41ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGangiraiguda
42ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadCherlaguda
43ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadHameedullanagar
44ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadOsettiguda
45ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGowlapallykand
46ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadRashidguda
47ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadSyedguda
48ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGollapallekalan
49ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadBahadurguda
50ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGolkondakhur
51ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadShakerpur
52ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadSangiguda
53ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGolkondakalan
54ShankerpallyRanga ReddyShabadSollipet
55ShankerpallyRanga ReddyShabadMaddur
56ShamshabadRanga ReddyKothurGudur
57ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadHimayat Nagar
58ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadChikkoor
59ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadChanda Nagar
60ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadMedipally
61ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadChinna Mangalaram
62ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadMothukupally
63ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadReddypally
64ShankerpallyRanga ReddyMoinabadPedda Mangalaram
65ShankerpallyRanga ReddyRajendranagarKhanpur
66ShankerpallyRanga ReddyRajendranagarGunugurthy
67ShankerpallyRanga ReddyRajendranagarVatti Nagulapally
68ShankerpallyRanga ReddyShankerpallyJanwada
69ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadDhatampally
70ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadMaharajpet
71ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadGopularam
72ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadPoddutur
73ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadChinna Shapur
74ShamshabadRanga ReddyShamshabadTol Matta
75ShankerpallyRanga ReddyChevellaYenkapally
76ShankerpallyRanga ReddyChevellaYerlapally
77ShankerpallyRanga ReddyChevellaKanmeta
78ShankerpallyRanga ReddyChevellaGollapally
79ShankerpallyRanga ReddyChevellaRaviapally
80ShankerpallyRanga ReddyChevellaMudimyal
81ShankerpallyRanga ReddyRajendranagarMumera
82ShankerpallyRanga ReddyRajendranagarMalakpur
83ShankerpallyRanga ReddyShankerpallyTankutur
84ShankerpallyRanga ReddyShankerpallyBulkapur

What Happen If you Purchase the land in 111 G.O.?

In the above, it clearly says that not to allow any constructions, layouts other than the agriculture purpose in the upstream area of Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar.

The government was already instructed the concerned local bodies on the G.O.such as

  • Panchayat Raj
  • Revenue Department.
  • HMDA (Hyderabad Metro Development Authority)
  • Director of Town and Country Planning (DTCP)
  • Municipal Administration.
  • Industry & Commerce
  • AP Housing Board
  • Cyberabad Development Authority.
  • Airport Authority of Hyderabad

And any other department which effects regulating the authority of the catchment area development.

If any other activities done against the G.O 111 treated as an illegal activity. 

As per Deccan Chronicle in November 2017 – the collector was issued the criminal charges against the ex-sarpanches for illegal approvals.

If you already purchased the land that can use for agriculture activities

As per the Deccan Chronicle on Dec 2018 said that KCR would scrap the 111 G.O because of availability of sufficient water from Godavari and Krishna are available.

To Give good value to the agriculture lands in that area to strengthen the farmers.

How to Check is the Area Covered under the 111 G.O.?

In the above list, I have already collected and shown the data which is from the source of HMDA ( Hyderabad Metro Development Authority)

You can also check their website by following this link.

What are Precautions to take care of Before buying Open Plots near Hyderabad?

As per the above precaution, we can observe the detailed information on how the G.O 111 effects the catchment areas of the Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar.

You must check the plot you purchase must not be in the area or village listed in the G.O 111.

Check the approvals and also check the Encumbrance certificate to find the status of the Open plot/property.

If sellers of the real estate companies said farm plots or small size agriculture plots just check a more clearly on this.

G.O. 111 Telangana FAQs

  1. What happens if we purchase land in GO 111?

    As per the GO it is clearly saying, not permitted for the construction of layouts other than agriculture use.

  2. What are Mandals covered under GO 111?

    Shamshabad, Shankarpally, Moinabad, Shabad, Rajendra Nagar, and Chevella

  3. How many villages covered under 111 G.O?

    There are 84 villages covered under the 111 G.O.

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