Plot VS Flat Which is the Best Choice?

Plot Vs Flat Which is Best Choice?

Plot Vs Flat

When it comes to deciding on the investment, some times it isn’t easy to choose the plot or Flat.

Both plots and flats are its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the flat it has to end up with the investment, and there is no need to reinvest on it. Still, it is the apartment we may not have the freedom in the size and design, but it has security and merit with the location of the property.

when it comes to the plot its not ended up with the investment, we need to spend the amount on building a dream home 

Below are the few advantages you can understand and make your decision as per your convenience.

Plot Vs Flat Merits and Demerits

Price or Cost

  • The price of the plots availble within the budget, and these can be availble within the low budget to a person with the average monthly income.
  • The budget or cost of the flats are high. You cant get an apartment in the same area within your ability of the investment.


  • These are available closer to the city if we are trying to buy within the town price will be high.
  • These are built within the town or very nearer to the city and easily accessible.

Type of Investment

  • in most of the cases, plots purchased with the intention of the returns are future growth.
  • These intended purchased to stay or rent.


  • plots are easily customizable. An individual can buy and build his house as per his interest.
  • When it comes to flat, the chances to expand or rebuilding of the apartments are not possible in most cases.

Loans from Banks

  • for plots the availing the loan is a bit difficult; it has some criteria to get the loan to buy the land. Which are like the distance of the plot from the city.
  • On the other hand, banks sanction home loans to buyers with minimal documentation.


  • The possibility of earning regular income is not possible. It is the long term investment, and getting income from the plot is possible by planting plants or trees which are commercial in a manner like a red sandal. Renting a plot is risky, and it is associated with the legal procedures.
  • Monthly rental is the regular income for the flats, the benefits of the rent of the apartments start from the first day of the undertaking of the possession.


  • There are multiple benefits than the risks; it depends upon choosing the property. A plot with the right documentation and boundary fence is the most secured.
  • As we discussed on few above steps, these are costly in a manner, so buyers go for the loan and pay the monthly EMIs.


  • The buyer cant utilizes the property immediately, and the investment still not ended its start.
  • The buyer immediately occupies and stay in the flat. The investment can be last, and there is no need to reinvest in the flat.


  • The land is always good in demand. There is still growth in the price by purchasing; we may not see the depreciation in its value.
  • A flat price can be grown, but with the buildings always calculated with the depreciation. The life value will become down with the time


  • For plots, there are fewer chances of tax savings the saving of the tax calculated upon the completion of the property
  • By repaying the loan interest and principal amount of the home loan, the government allows the borrowers to save the tax.

The major problem with investments in flats is the payment of benefits.

Home loans provided for the tenure of 5 to 15 years, To pay the number of years interest, it will become double in the cost.


While going for the property investment, the better idea to choose the best in these two is the type of use.

Flats can be purchased ready to stay, and the plots can be for future gains.

For short term investment plots are not ideal; these are ideal for the long term investment and future security.

In both, there are multiple demerits and merits by analyzing the budget and the purpose you can choose how to proceed.

Flats require a long term plan to repay the home loan, and for plots, no procedures required. By comparing multiple lenders, the decision to purchase land can help you a lot.

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