HMDA Plots for Sale in Yadagirigutta? Is Yadagirigutta Covered Under HMDA?

HMDA Plots for Sale in Yadagirigutta

Today, I am going to tell you about the topic of HMDA plots for sale in Yadagirigutta.

First of all, you have to understand the few things about the HMDA formerly Hyderabad Metro Development Authority.

What is HMDA? Why HMDA

HMDA (Hyderabad Metro Development Authority) formed in August 2008,

The primary purpose and activities are.

  1. Planning
  2. Co-Ordinating
  3. Supervising
  4. Promoting 
  5. Controlling

With the primary purpose, sustainable development of the city in a planned manner. 

Hyderabad Sewarage board and Water Supply Board, Road Transport Corporation, and other bodies works and co-ordinate with the HMDA.

The HMDA has limits from the Hyderabad city, where if the area covered in HMDA, it must register with the HMDA.

Availability of HMDA Plots in Yadagirigutta.

I saw that most of the people are searching for the below terms.

The Reality is, “Yadagirigutta not covered under the “HMDA.” 

After the HMDA, you can go with the DTCP approved plots in Yadagirigutta.

It is also one of the local body, which is also a primary Authority in providing approvals to the lands.

So while searching for the DTCP Plots in Yadadri, you must know the few points.

Which are 

  • DTCP Norms
  • DTCP Approved.

DTCP Norms

If you are going for the land with the DTCP norms, you need to take separate approval later, which costs you extra money. 

Nowadays, Few Real Estate companies are selling the plots by saying as DTCP Norms, which means they develop their real estate venture as per the guidelines of the DTCP but which is not approved.

DTCP Approved Plots

In Broad terms, DTCP means Director of Town and Country Planning. 

While a real estate company is going for the DTCP approval, it must follow the few guidelines.

Providing the Space for the Parks, Road access, and other amenities should be provided in the venture.

A Nominal fee that needs to pay for the DTCP approvals, 

To the Local Authority based upon the area of the land. A fee schedule is available in the Local Sub Register office.

Developing all the amenities and Taking approval, which considered as a DTCP plot.

Scope HMDA in Yadagirigutta?

In the last few years government of Telangana is passed the GO’s to include the outskirts villages under the HMDA.

Hyderabad is the center point of Telangana, as well as the faster growth in population and IT.

People across Telangana and India are moving to the Hyderabad, and making Hyderabad as their permanent residence.

To fulfill the needs of every person, the government has to take measures to implement the wide of the city.

If we see it already following few measures like:” Look East Policy,” the leading cause of this policy is to diversify the development of the Hyderabad across the east side.

So there is scope for the companies to make their commercial offices on the Uppal side.

After Hyderabad, Warangal is the next most significant city in Telangana. In recent times also companies like Client and Tech Mahindra have stared their operations in Warangal

So it has scope for yadagirigutta to come under the HMDA, but it takes time.

GP ( Gram Panchayat ) Plots in Yadagirigutta.

After DTCP, there are GP layouts that are famous in the area of yadagirigutta. There is no issue with the going for the GP plots, but it is better to choose DTCP plots.

You need to check the few things before buying the open plots in yadagirigutta.

Clear title:- The land you purchase should not have any litigations. Clear documentation is a must with a clear sale deed.

Approvals:- Must check whether the venture comes under the HMDA, DTCP, or GP. As well you need to check EC online Telangana ( Encumbrance certificate) from the Telangana Govt Website.

Maintenance:- Check the terms and prices for the support after the purchase and check if the maintenance is available or not.

Development:- We can see that most of the ventures selling the open plots before completion of the development of the plot.

It is essential to check the completed projects and history of the company so that you can understand to believe upon the completion of the plot development.

HMDA Plots For Sale Yadagirigutta FAQs

  1. Are HMDA plots available in Yadagirigutta?

    No Yadagirigutta not covered under the HMDA( Hyderabad Metro Development Authority)

  2. Are DTCP approvals are enough for the Open Plots in Yadagirigutta?

    Yes, if the Real Estate Venture is DTCP Approved, you can go for the purchase. No further approvals required.

  3. What is the Scope of YTDA in Yadadri?

    YTDA is a development authority to make the planned development of the yadagirigutta.

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