EC Online Telangana – Step By Step Process.

EC Online Telangana:-

When you are buying a plot or house, you need to consider taking the Encumbrance Certificate (EC). It is the essential document you should not avoid.

EC Online Telangana

Encumbrance Certificate What it is?

An EC is a document containing the Transaction of Real Estate of a property. It is an essential document while going to purchase a house or plot. 

To check the ownership and to check the financial liability of the plot of land for a specific period. 

 It will give the assurance to go for the registration by checking the land or plot details.

Why is Encumbrance Certificate Important?

  1. When you are looking to buy or plots or flat it will help to find the owner of the property.
  2. It will show, is there any bank liabilities or collaterals on the property.
  3. Financial Institutions ask for 10-15 of the EC to sanction loans like Mortgage, Home Loan or any other business loans.
  4. The EC document contains the transactions of the property, which shows the sale and previous and current owners of the property for a particular period.

Required Documents to Get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate

The following documents are needed to apply for a Telangana EC.

To check with MeeSeva Website Online.

  1. For checking in Meeseva Website, you need to give Document Number, Year of Registration and SRO. (Sub Register Office)
  2. You can find these details on the Property Registration Document.

To Apply with MeeSeva Centre

  • Address Proof.
  • Copy of the Sale Deed 
  • You need to mention the document number, SRO details, your name and EC period from and to date.

EC Online Telangana – How to Get It? 

While looking to check the details of the property, there are two ways you can use it.

  • Online By Visiting Mee Seva Website
  • Offline By Visiting Mee Seva Center.

EC Online Telangana – Visiting Mee Seva Website

You can use the Telangana Meeseva Official Website and check the Telangana EC online.

Please note that the banks do not accept the Encumbrance Certificate which you generated online. It does not have any legality to judge upon it.

You can use the below process to check the details.

Check Telangana EC online with Document Number

  • Go to Telangana Mee Seva Website by click here
  • Select the “Search Criteria” Select the “Document Number
  • Then Provide “Year of Registration
  • After that “Select SRO” Registration Office where the property is registered.
  • By Entering the First Three Letter of the SRO details, you can see the Registration Office click on it.
  • Then Submit the details.
EC Online Telangana with Document Number

Check Telangana EC Online with Form Entry

  • Select the Search Criteria as “Form Entry”
  • Provide the required details like district, applicant name and
  • For buildings, you need to give Flat Number, House Number or Apartment
  • For Open plots provide details like Plot Number, survey number village
  • You can also enter the boundary information. You can get these details on the registration document.
  • Mention extent of the area
  • Select the EC Period by entering “From Date” and “To Date.” 
  • Then submit to get the details.
EC Online Telangana With Form Entry

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Visting Meeseva Centre

 I suggest you take the Telanga EC from Mee Seva Centre because it is acceptable by the financial institutions. 

  1.  Visit the nearest Meeseva centre, for the application you can go for any of the Mee Seva centres within the Telangana State.
  2. Ask the executive for the application for EC.
  3. Provide the required details which you have on the sale deed or registration document.
  4. Mention the required date of EC for which period you want to request.
  5. Provide your name and purpose of the EC.
  6. Sign and pay the fees
  7. Remember to take the acknowledgment of the application and Keep the acknowledge safe
  8. After that, your request goes to the SRO office, and they accept and provide the required details.
  9. After that, you receive an SMS to collect the EC.
  10. Visit the Mee Seva Centre and show the acknowledgment and get the Encumbrance Certificate.

Reasons for Telangana EC Rejection.

The Encumbrance Certificate Application get Rejected for not providing the correct details like Document Number, Registration date, Registration office, and other mandatory information.

Time Frame for Telangana EC Application

The EC application required one week to get the application got approved. you can also check you EC status in the mee seva website with the application number.

EC Fees in Telangana.

Mee Seva Charges the application fees based upon the Request Period. The below table shows the details information.

PeriodStatutory Charges (INR)Service
Charges (INR)
Below 30 Years20025225
Above 30 Years50025525

Who can Apply For Telangana EC

  • An owner of the property,  
  • the representative of the owner 
  • family members parents or guardian

Importance of Encumbrance Certificate.

It is suggested to check your EC online for six months and apply the EC for every two years.

  • If you have the EC, you can judge the ownership of the property.
  • If there any litigations or issues upon the property you can use EC to show the ownership
  • If there any errors or modifications in EC you can find check with the Registrar.
  • To apply for a home loan banks request for the EC from the applicants.


It is better to go with the mee seva application offline. It will have the stamp and digital sign of the authoritative officer. On the other hand, online EC in Meeseva website is showing only for information. You can’t use it for any other purpose like for home loans and mortgage loans.

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EC Online Telangana FAQs.

Can I apply Telangana EC online?

No, It is mandatory to visit the nearest Meeseva centre for application, Encumbrance which you get online is only for information.

How many days will it take for Telangana EC?

It will take one week, some times it will be prolonged for 30 days if any.

Can i Check Telangana EC status online?

Yes, Visit Mee Seve official website and provide the application number to track the status.

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